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How about This: Simple and Easy to Understand!

34 Power Point Slides or 1 Mind Map. You Choose!

Here’s a perfect example of why you might consider Mind Mapping your presentation to an audience rather than using slide after slide.

I just consulted with a company that was announcing it’s New Vision to all employees.  They had prepared 34 slides, with graphics, that explained everything in the New Vision.

The slides were not great, but OK.  (The branding on practically all the slides added clutter.  Clean & Simple is the mantra for slides.  Very little text – Good! Few bullet points – Yea!)

One of the challenges with the slide show was that it wasn’t easily understood how the entire plan fit together.  There was not a picture from above showing all the relationships.

Mind Mapping the presentation shows the BIG Picture.  This is important to all concerned so they see how all the pieces of the New Vision fit together.

The main parts of the Mind Map are shown in sequence, then the accompanying subsets.  When the next component is show, the other subsets disappear so attention is drawn to what is being discussed.

The final Mind Map slide shows how it all fits together!

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