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Many years ago, at an International Toastmasters Convention, I was introduced to Mind Mapping.

Since no good speaker should be just a ‘talking head’, I decided to attend a training seminar about ‘Speaking without Notes’.

The presenter was a high school principal who talk us about a visual technique called ‘Pegging’.  It involved memorizing 20 ‘Pegs’ and attaching key words of your speach to those pegs with ‘super mental crazy glue’.

During the Question and Answer Session, someone asked the principal, “How do you write your speeches?”mmmmcc

“Mind Maps,” was the reply.  When he said it, he pushed a button on the projector and an image appeared that had everything radiating from the center.

I thought, “That looks pretty cool.”

Then the presenter said, “I develop, practice and deliver all my talks with Mind Maps.”

I then said to myself, “Wow.  That seems super cool.”

Finally, he added, “Last week I gave three speeches in one day; All different and all developed, practiced and delivered with Mind Maps.”

That did it for me!  I knew I had to find out more about this tool.

I immediately bought Tony Buzan’s book, ‘The Mind Map Book.’  I devoured it, and was hooked.

I even enrolled in an art class to see if I could draw Mind Maps.  After two classes, I realized I had no talent in this area and dropped out.

Luckily, through my teacher, wife, I found Inspiration brand software, and was able to develop, edit, prioritize and revise Mind Maps with ease.

Ever since, I’ve been studying and exploring new uses for it and how to get maximum results.

Just as a Swiss Army Knife is a multi-purpose tool, Mind Mapping can be used to develop ideas and solutions to everyday tasks, challenges and opportunities – personal and business.

I use Mind Mapping for everything from Daily To-do Lists to Planning Trips to Writing and Delivering Speeches.

My only regret –
I didn’t discover it sooner!

Mind Map with Me!

We will produce the Maximum number of Ideas and Solutions to Your Opportunities and Challenges!

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