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FAQS About Mind Mapping

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  • Is there one best way to do Mind Mapping?
    • The purists of this tool follow Tony Buzan, the originator of Mind Mapping.
      • He layed down very specifc rules about how it should be done.
    • Since Mind Mapping is usually a very personal thing and often used only by the person doing the Mind Mapping, I suggest modifying the rules to meet your own specific needs.  This is what I have done.
  • What can Mind Mapping be used for?
  • How come I never heard of Mind Mapping?
    • Good Question!
      • It originated in the 1970s in England and is very prevalent in other countries.
      • Good News!  It is being taught in many elementary schools in the U.S. now!
        • More companies and individuals are being introduced to the benefits Mind Mapping offers through seminar and practitioners like me.
  • Why use software?  What’s wrong with just using paper and pencil?
    • Nothing is wrong with doing it that way.
    • One of the nice things about using software is that editing and updating are always easy to do.
      The maps can be linked to URLs, documents and other Mind Maps.
    • This can be an extremely helpful feature for discovering and documenting the subject being Mind Mapped.
    • Mind Maps can go ‘layers deep’ and can hide notes not needed in the ‘big picture’, but helpful for a more detailed explanation.
    • Maps, and the diagrams they also produce, can be converted to Word or PDFs and emailed to others.
    • Graphics, which add to the value of a map, are part of many Mind Mapping software programs.  Additionally, custom graphics can be imported.
    • There are also a number of software Mind Mapping programs that are web based.  This can make collaboration and project management easier.

    Why use software do you recommend?

    • I use a Mac, so when I started Mind Mapping my choices were limited.  Luckily, I found Inspiration, a software program that is cross platform and has many features that fit my needs.
    • My suggestion for software is to Google ‘Mind Mapping Software’.  Most vendors provide a 30 day free trial.  during that period you can evaluate the different features and benefits each offer.
    • Chuck Frey’s Mind Mapping Software Blog provides reviews and links to all major products.  His reviews are very helpful, plus he has authored several e-books on the subject of Mind Mapping.
    • You might want to take advantage of his newsletter, also.

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