Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

How to Mind Map

Mind Mapping works so well because it works the way our brain works!

It brings together the left, linear and right, creative halves of the brain.

This is how we think, create ideas, and solve problems.

How to Mind Map  /  Click to Enlarge

How to Mind Map / Click to Enlarge


The Steps

  1. Get a large sheet of unlined paper and place it in the landscape mode.                                                           This gives lots of room to grow.                                                                                                                         You’ll need it because so many ideas and solutions will be generated.
  2. Place the main subject, as a graphic or symbol, in the center of the page.
  3. Generate sub-topics from the center radiating out.
  4. Go clockwise.
  5. Show importance by graphic or symbol, size of type and line thickness.
  6. Use Key Words.
    As few as possible.
    They are information information rich and will trigger other associations.
  7. Use pictures and symbols because they are worth 1000+ words.
  8. Add colors to show themes and associations.
  9. Do it quickly without being judgmental (there are no “bad” ideas.)
  10. Go back and edit, reorganize and prioritize.
How To Mind Map

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