Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

“I Completely Understand What You Mean!”


That’s the response you want, isn’t it?

Master Mind Mapper / Yes-NoOf course!

Almost nothing is be more frustrating than trying and trying to express your thoughts, but not having people understand your message.

One reason is that people learn in different ways.

  • Some are Visual Learners.
    • They need to literally see the message.
      • Mind Maps and other visuals are helpful to these people.  Often, they “Get It!” as soon as they see the visual representation of the message you’re delivering.
        • Around 65% of the population learns best visually.
  • Others are Auditory Learners.
    • Actually hearing a message imprints the message in the hard drive of their brain better than just reading or seeing something.  They’ll learn by repeating, out loud, what they have read, and benefit from software that ‘reads and speaks’ to the them.
    • Reading out loud, rather than silently, has a greater impact on them.
      • About 20% of the populations learns this way.
  • And some people Learn Kinesthetically.
    • These people learn best by actually doing a physical activity.  They might read a recipe about baking a cake, but unless they: beat the eggs, add the milk, mix them all together, and eventually pour the mixture into a pan and place in an oven, they won’t truly learn much.’
      • Approximately 15% of us learn kinesthetically.

Even though we predominantly fall into one of these learning categories, we all learn, to a certain extent, in all these ways.  The importance of this to a presenter to to realize their message must be geared to all in the audience.

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