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It’s February:
How’s that New Year’s Resolution coming along?


Right on track – Correct?

Well, if you’re like most people, you probably didn’t yell,
Absolutely on Track!”

Good News: It’s not too late to get on track to meet that goal, or goals.  There’s plenty of time, so don’t get discouraged.

Let’s take a look at what has to be done, and how a Mind Map might help.

  • The New Year’s Resolution (goal) must be in writing.
    A Mind Map, with pictures, if you’re a visual person, will better imprint the goals in your mind’s eye.  You’ll ‘see’ them!

    • If it’s not written down or on a Mind Map, and you’re not looking at it every day, it’s not a goal.  It’s only a thought, something you’d like to achieve.
      • It must be specific, not general.
        • I have two blogs.  One of my NYE goals is to write a post each week for each of them.  (My other blog site is No Sweat Public Speaking!’)
          • I’m on track, but I won’t tell you it is easy.  This is being written at 6:00 AM.
            • It is worth it!
            • As I write this, I periodically hit the ‘Preview’ button and see my progress.  That is cool and gives me encouragement.
  • Breaking it into bite size pieces, that are manageable, helps.
    • If your resolution is to lose 25 pounds this year, you won’t do it in one day.  Breaking it down into a monthly goal, 2.08 pounds per month can be accomplished.  Less than 1/2 pound per week seems even more doable.
    • Mind Mapping this goal, so it can be ‘seen’ can be extremely beneficial.
      • The map could have twelve Categories, each a month of the year.  Each could have sub-categories of specifics that need to be done to reach the goal, along with a ‘score (weigh-in) sheet’.
        • Sub-categories could, in this case be: Exercise, diet (do’s and don’ts), support groups, reading, measuring standing heart rate, etc.
          • Pictures on your map of exercise, fruits and vegetables, Weight Watchers meetings, etc. will help.
          • Important
            • If you keep score –
              you do better
            • What gets checked –
              gets done.

Placing all your New Year’s Resolutions on a Mind Map will make it easier to:
• Track them
• Tweek them if necessary
• Reach them!


  1. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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