Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

I’ve Described the Relationships Several Times –
They Still Don’t Get It!


Use  a Mind Map to Show Those Relationships!

Master Mind Mapper Relationship Model

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People learn differently, and there are three learning styles.

  • Some are Auditory Learners.
    They need to hear something.
  • Others are Kinesthetic Learners.
    They need to feel something.
  • Many are Visual Learners.
    They learn better by seeing something.

Usually a person’s learning style is a combination of the above, with an emphasis on one of them.  The more learning styles your message communicates, the more likely the recipients of that message will  Get It!

A Mind Map visually shows those relationships.  Even if someone you’re communicating to is not primarily a visual learner, the use of this visual will reenforce your message and increase the odds they will Get It!


  1. Joe High says:


    This reminds me of the 2nd part of Confucius’ great quote:
    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

    When you SHOW is when people start to get it.

  2. Thanks for visiting and the comment, Joe.

    You Get It!

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