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Links in a Mind Map



One of the neat things about Mind Mapping software is that it gives the ability to have links in your map.

You can link:

  • websites
  • email
  • documents
  • other mind maps
This feature greatly enhances the flexibility of mind maps.
By linking things, you can save a great amount of time and add great value to your map.
If using the map in a presentation, most things you want show can be centralized on the one ‘Master Presentation Map’.
(I know you’ve never searched and search for a document to show someone, but I admit, I have!)
Sometimes maps can get very crowded and hard to follow. This is especially true if it’s not your mind map.
Linking to another map can cut down on the congestion and make presenting much easier.


  1. Roy says:

    If you like to use mind maps this way, and I do as well, you might like to know about 3D Topicscape. This is a 3D software that I designed specifically with the mind mapping way of thinking as a base but to be first and foremost an information organizer.

    I found that 2D mind maps quickly got too large when I tried to organize any reasonably-sized project from them, so went to 3D. This gives a much larger overview in a 3D landscape, and allows flying and zooming.

    It also overcomes one of the biggest problems with the tree hierarchy of mind maps – often we want to put some information in two or more places without the out-of-step risks that come from making multiple copies. It supports that by allowing topics to have multiple parents and displaying them in 3D as multiple instances of the same topic. Change one and they all change.

    Roy (

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