Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

Looking at Mind Maps of Others
Makes me Dizzy!


I understand.
Don’t Give Up on Mind Mapping!

Unless you develop your own, participate in making one,Master Mind Mapper - Fred Miller
or watch one being developed, it does seem confusing.

One of the great things about Mind Mapping is that each person can develop their own style.

Often, the person developing the Mind Map is going to be the only person using it.  It may not be something that is going to be presented to others.  (Ever take notes when you were in school?  Could anyone who borrowed them decipher and benefit from them?)

I learned this the hard way.  I was giving a presentation at a sales lead group. Before starting I handed out a Mind Map of what I was going to cover.  For some of the attendees, they were thoroughly confused from the get-go.

I had done several things wrong.

  • I handed out my Mind Map before giving my talk.
    • Handouts, unless for a workshop, should be handed out after the presentation.
      • Your audience will be reading while you are talking,  They will actually take away less.
  • The Mind Map was something I had developed.  It was very hard for someone who didn’t see it developed to understand.  Unfortunately, it detracted from my talk and the discussion went way off center.

What I should have done was to:

  • Start with a blank wall flip chart or computer screen, and explained each of the elements of the map as drew if from the center of the page.  Subtopics (children and parents) would have been better understood if placed on the Mind Map during the presentation.

Don’t let the “craziness” of someone else’s Mind Map discourage you from learning and using this awesome tool.

Develop your own style.  Do what works for you.

If you decide to show it to others, show how it was developed.   Some software programs allow you to show it in ‘chunks’, and screen capture software allows you to make a video, show each step of the process.

The important thing about Mind Mapping – Do It!


  1. Joe High says:

    Great point here, Fred. We have to understand those connecting ideas and visuals to get it. More often than not, we learn more when we PARTICIPATE. The point on talks is so true.

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