Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

Looking for ways to make a Good Mind Map –


There are Lots of Ways to enhance your Mind Map.

  • Color
    • The lines and objects can be color coded.  This makes it easy to differentiate between the different sections of you Mind Map.Master Mind Mapper - Fred E. Miller
      • For instance, I use the following coding for many maps
        • Blue – Personal
        • Red – Problem Areas or Potential Problems
        • Green – Opportunities (Green – the color of money!)
        • Black – Business
      • That simple coding has served me well for many years.  It allows me to see those four large aspects of each day on one map.
  • Line (Branch) Thickness
    • Thicker lines, radiating from the center and connected to objects, are the higher priority items to deal with.
    • Thinner lines connect to objects with lesser priority.
    • Because everything radiates from the center, objects (items) closer to the center are more important and have a higher priority than items further from the center.
      • This helps prevent spending Major Time on Minor Priorities.  Everything on the map has to be accomplished, but as Stephen Covey says in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, “First things first!”
  • Graphics
    • A picture (or graphic), for many people, is worth a 1000 words.
      • For instance, just the shape of a STOP or YIELD sign usually instantly gives a message to the person seeing that distinctive design.
  • Links
    • One of the many benefits Mind Mapping software offers is the ability to link objects to documents, urls, and other Mind Maps.
      • This enhancement makes it possible to go ‘layers’ deep in the explanation and research or individual objects on your map.

Use the above ideas to get the maximum benefits from your Mind Map!


  1. Joe High says:

    I believe that CLARITY is a key for each of us to achieve massive success. Your ideas seem to bring organization out of chaos and a very vivid picture (literally) to those who want to achieve massive success. Thanks for working with me to mindmap ideas and strategies for my business.

  2. Thank for visiting, Joe.

    Literally and physically getting everything on one page is a huge benefit of Mind Mapping.

    Using Mind Mapping software helps us see the BIG Picture. Then we are able to edit, reorganize, and prioritize those things. The Map then becomes an organic tool that can constantly be updated.

  3. Hey Fred, I’m new to Mind Mapping. At 63, you’d think I would know by now. Not so. I’m really excited about learning from your techniques.

    Thank you for all your hard work in developing the BIG PICTURE. I Get It!

    Always blessings. . .never losses,

    P.S. I can tell you’re a hoot with that smile!

  4. Thanks for visiting, Kathy.

    Mind Mapping is HUGE in other countries, especially Europe.

    It literally is the ‘Swiss Army Knife for the Brain!’

    You’re obviously a visual person and will find LOTS of applications for this non-linear, brainstorming, tool.

  5. Joe High says:

    Fred, I’m looking very forward to our mindmapping session. You have such great applications for people with their businesses. I know you also use it for Public Speaking as well, correct?

  6. Mind Mapping is the ‘Swiss Army Knife for the Brain!’.

    I use it for: Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Writing and Delivering a Speech, Process Development, and a hos of other Brain Related Activities.

    Thanks for visiting!

  7. Clarity IS Power ~ Thank you so much

    Sian Lindemann
    Sian Design
    Art Ability World

  8. Sian:

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

  9. Joe High says:


    I truly enjoyed our mind mapping session today. You are amazing. I wonder how many people would become more profitable if they could simply articulate better through this Visual modality.

  10. Joe:

    Thanks for the kind remarks.

    Use these tools to show your prospects and clients ‘see’ how much you offer and the value of those offers.

    Your success will grow exponentially!
    Good Selling!

  11. Fred, mind mapping is a great tool for organizing seemingly diverse thoughts into a cohesive plan. Kudos for bringing this to my attention.

  12. Cathy Davis says:

    Hey Fred . . . I need to set up a time to learn more about your Mind Mapping capabilities . . . I’m sure the technique has progressed WAY beyond the old “flip-chart/marker” brainstorming maps I’m used to making . . . Let’s schedule some time on a Thursday morning to catch me up to speed . . .

  13. Dale:

    Thanks for visiting.

    As you know, I’ve taken your advice and combined Mind Mapping and Public Speaking for my book.

    Thank YOU!

  14. Cathy:

    Thanks for visiting.

    Being a creative, mostly right brain person, Mind Mapping will help you, and your clients ‘see’ the big picture.

    Mind Mapping literally and physically helps get everything and everyone on the ‘same page’.

  15. Mike Rohan says:

    Your insights and recommendations in “Looking for ways to make a Good Mind Map –
    Better?” post are excellent. I know this kind of help you provide with the “out of the box” mind-mapping process is dynamite. I know your Mind Mapping will help new and established business-owners get “past themselves” and get to their real priorities that THEY DECIDE and WANT. Great job!

  16. Mike:

    Thanks for visiting and your comments.

    Glad you ‘see’ the benefits of Mind Mapping!

  17. David Clark says:

    Fred’s mind mapping was instrumental in prioritizing my start-up details.
    A mind mapping session with Fred is worth its weight in gold.

  18. Thanks for visiting and the kind words, Dave.

    Good Luck in your new location!

  19. Stunning images! I adore the post so much! xoxo

  20. Thanks for visiting and the compliment!

  21. The layout is what really caught my eye, then the I looked at the writing and I think you did a very nice job. Good work 🙂

  22. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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  25. Me and my buddy were quarrelling about an issue very similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Kudos for the information you blog post.

  26. Leo says:

    Thanks for the Mind Mapping way. Now I’m able to mind map my presentaion and don’t have to worry about forgetting. By using images I’m able to remember everything. Thank you so much.

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