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Mind Map Your Dream Board and. . .


Achieve those Dreams!

One cool use of Mind Mapping is the Development of your Dream Board.

A Dream Board can be considered a visual representation of goals.  Often people will get a large sheet of poster board and paste pictures from magazines and other sources that represent goals.  Mind Mapping software makes this activity really easy.

“Seeing is Believing” and seeing those objects of our desire embeds the impression in our sub-conscious and, with repeated exposure to the Dream Board, increases the odds we’ll “see” ourselves reaching those goals.

The objects don’t have to represent material goals.  In the Dream Board below, I’ve included volunteer work, giving, and spiritual objectives.

Mind Map of a Dream Board









A good friend mentioned Vision Board, another term for Dream Board, to me recently.
That reminded me of one I’d done a few years ago.  I found it and posted it here.

I’m happy to say I’ve attained many of the things on the Dream Board.  A partial list of accomplishments are:

  • I finished and published a book, “No Sweat Public Speaking!”
  • I’ve been fortunate to have promoted it on radio and TV.
  • I’m doing volunteer work, coaching unemployed and under employed professionals on their public speaking and presentation skills.
  • On one of my other blogs, “No Sweat Public Speaking!” I’ve published a new article (post) each week for over two years.
  • We’ve done some traveling, domestic and international.
I don’t have the big flat screen TV and several others will be on the next Dream Board, also!

My thoughts are that if I had printed the Dream Board when I first developed it, and pasted it where I looked at it daily, I would have accomplished more, earlier.

All a person can do is go forward, so I’m looking forward to updating that Dream Board and, yes, printing and pasting it prominently so I see it every day!

What’s going on your Dream Board?

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