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My Mentoring Minute Mind Map –
Getting Back to Basics


I’m in a MasterMind Group that meets once a week.

Each week, one of the members delivers a ‘Mentoring Minute of the Week‘.  It was my turn today, and I developed this Mind Map for that purpose.  (My description is below the map.)

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“Let’s get Back to Basics”
in our personal dealings with
Prospects, Clients, and Business Associates.”

  • Return phone calls
  • Reply to Emails.
    • Even if it’s just ‘Thanks’, reply to each legitimate Email you receive.
  • Write ‘Thank You’ Notes.  Make them the old fashion kind that are actually hand written by you, placed in an envelope, and mailed to someone who did something to benefit you.
  • Confirm Appointments the day before they are scheduled.
  • Get to all appointments early.  (If you’re not five minutes early, you’re late!)
  • Thank people who give you referrals and update them on the progress of those referrals.
    • If it turns into business for you, consider sending a gift card with your ‘Thank You’ note.
  • Pay invoices in a timely manner.
  • Limit the amount of ‘Free Consulting’ you give and you ask for.
    • This is how many of us make money.  Our time and advice is our stock in trade and those giving it should be compensated.

All of the above seem obvious to many.  But, trust me, you will stand out from others when you do them!


  1. Great stuff, Fred. I’m especially cognizant of updating referral sources, good news or bad, on how that referral is going. It’s just another way of saying “Thank you!”

  2. Joe High says:

    I love how this flows. It’s a great way to “SEE” the basics. We should all post this by our phones and computers.

  3. Dale:

    Thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely correct. If you were kind enough to give a referral, you should be advised of the progress.

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Joe:


    When your clients ‘See’ their financial plan, and continually update it as needs change, you’ll SEE and increase in revenues!

  5. John Concannon says:

    In today’s busy world it is easy to forget the basics. Thanks Fred for reminding us of the simple things that can go a long way.

  6. John:

    Thanks for your comment and visiting my site.

  7. It is so helpful to see the ideas organized in one colorful graphic. I liked your video on mindmapping. It made mindmapping much easier to understand. Well done.

  8. Cathy Sexton says:

    Fred, thank you so much for reminding us of the basics. The basics are the foundation and without them the rest would crumble.

  9. Alice:

    For visual learners, the graphics help people ‘See’ the big picture.

    Thanks for visiting!

  10. Thank YOU for the comment, Cathy!

  11. Mike Rohan says:

    Great job at Mastermind in the mentoring minute. You are right on about how to stand out–just by treating others in a professional way. Thanks!
    Mike Rohan

  12. Most of this ‘stand out’ stuff is just common sense and courtesy, isn’t it, Mike.

    Amazing how few people ‘Get It!’

    Thanks for visiting and the comment.

  13. Dan Dobinsky says:

    Like the saying goes, much of success is just showing up, like for appointments.
    I’ve always tried to keep my “referrors” apprised as to the status of the referral. At least that we made contact. People like to feel like they’ve done a good deed by making the referral. Foster that. Let people know that they’ve done you a great service by making a referral, then reciprocate!

  14. Good point, Dan.

    People want to feel appreciated, and keeping them apprised of progress, even if it goes South, is part of the process.

    I have two appointments today and one tomorrow. I called all three, and the one for tomorrow cancelled. Good! I was able to make another one to fill that time slot.

    Thanks for visiting!

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