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NO SWEAT Branding!

Personal Branding
Let’s start with this premise:

Everyone should consider themselves to be Self-Employed!

There are very few “Lifetime Jobs,” positions taken with a company when you graduate, and retire from thirty or forty years later.

Lifetime Jobs existed generations ago. Those days are gone, and unlikely to return. Today’s reality is we must consistently hone the skills we have, and add new ones to that inventory. The goal is to become, and be recognized, as an EXPERT!
• We like to work with EXPERTS.
EXPERTS command more money for their products, services, and skills.

Hand-in-glove with being an EXPERT and Self-Employed means we need to promote ourselves.
Personal Branding is one of the main ingredients in this effort.

The above InfoGraph depicts the many ways Self-Promotion/Branding should, and can, be done. These are my Branding Efforts, and the template can be used for yours.

This Mind Map/Infograph, is explained on one of my other websites, HERE

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