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Putting those Great Ideas into ‘Parents’


Put those Kids (Great Ideas) with their Parents!


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Group your ideas by placing them into ‘Parent’ categories.

One of the great things about Mind Mapping with software is that it is very easy to ‘Pop’ – ‘Pop’ – ‘Pop’ ideas related to your central (main) subject.

One of the downsides of this activity is that it sometimes so many ideas get onto the map that it can seem, at first, overwhelming.

That’s OK, because generating lots and lots of ideas and solutions, to opportunities and challenges, is one of the prime reasons to use Mind Mapping software.

The next step, and solution to being overwhelmed with ideas, is to group them into categories, or ‘Parent Boxes’.

As an example, I am writing and book about Public Speaking.  Mind Mapping ideas on marketing that go beyond just writing the book and ‘putting it out there’ is one of my goals.

Above is an example of what I’ve come up with.

There’s a lot of stuff here, and kind of hard to follow and prioritize.

However, there are two distinct themes emerging: On-Line and Off-Line.  Look at how they line up now.

Grouping these many ideas makes it easier to:

  • View
  • Prioritize
  • Work on effectively

Here’s how it looks after grouping into Parents; On-Line and Off-Line

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That’s a whole lot easier to look and and see what’s going on, isn’t it?

The next step is prioritize the items within the Parents.  Once this is done, each action item can be worked on as it’s own Mind Map and linked to appropriate documents, urls, and, if necessary, additional mind maps.

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