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Mind Mapping an Agenda

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One way I’ve used Mind Mapping effectively is for making the template of a Meeting Agenda.

It was very helpful in Toastmasters to have a template that I could update each time I was to lead a meeting.

Starting with the Gavel at 12:00 and going clockwise, I could easily see where I was in the meeting and what was next.

Meeting Agenda / Click to Enlarge

Meeting Agenda / Click to Enlarge

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How To Mind Map / Step by Step

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This slideshow is a short, step by step guide to Mind Mapping.

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Template For Selling
One of the neat things Mind Mapping software allows you to do is to make Templates.

If you offer a variety of products and services, one idea is to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your prospect, with your template open on your laptop.

Explain, “This is everything we offer.  Not all of it may be a fit for you.  Maybe none of it.”

“I don’t want to overlook anything, so this is why everything is on one screen.  What do you want to talk about first?”

You may find out that your agenda is not where their interest lie.

With the template, you can eliminate the products and services they don’t want to discuss right now, and concentrate on their interests and solving their problems.

Of course, when you email the prospect, you can include a map of the services they passed on for now – planting seeds for future sales!

One of the cool things about using mind mapping software for a sales template is that links to urls, documents, and other mind maps can be built into the template.  This can greatly help the sales process by literally and figuratively having everything available for the client/prospect at the click of a button.

The first question to always ask the prospect is. “What’s changed?”

If your job includes:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Process Development
  • or any other Brain Related Activity –
    This is for you!

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Mind Mapping a Vacation

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Mind Mapping a vacation is a very practical use of this tool.

On one sheet of paper, you can have:

  • ‘Don’t Forget’ Items
  • Flight and Locator numbers
  • Arrival and Departure times
  • Car Rental Reservation Authorization Numbers
  • Hotel Reservation Numbers

The map can add details to each of the sub-topics.

Details like:

  • Listing those ‘Don’t Forget’ Items
  • Frequent Flyer Number
  • AARP or AAA Membership Number
  • Important Phone Numbers
Suggestion:  Make two-three copies, giving one to your traveling companion!
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Purpose of this Blog

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Purpose of this Blog:
I’m setting up this website and intend for it to be a resource for many ideas, examples and resources for Mind Mapping.

Mind Mapping is the‘Swiss Army Knife for the Brain.”

We will explore best practices for using this great tool!

Keep coming back for Great Stuff!

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