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I’m not a ‘visual’ person so why use graphics?

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Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a ‘visual’ person, a picture is still, as they say, ‘worth a 1000 words’.

The odds are you are more visual than you think.

For instance, if I say the word “Apple”, in your mind’s eye you don’t see, the letters a-p-p-l-e.

You see a round, reddish item, maybe with a stem coming out of the top.

If you thought about it further, other senses would probably kick in: you’d smell the apple as it were being cut or eaten, you’d feel it’s texture, you’d sense the difference between the skin and the meat and the core with its seeds.

You may even be lead to a childhood memory of smelling, then tasting a freshly baked apple pie!

We think by association. The more senses we can bring into our Mind Maps, the more ideas and solutions will result.

So even you linear thinking engineer types might benefit from placing a graphic or two in your Mind Maps!

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