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For Some Mind Mapping –
Two Heads are Much Better than One!

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Two Heads are Much Better than One!

I do a lot of Mind Mapping, and use it for a variety of tasks.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • To-Do Lists
  • Vacation Planning
  • Developing, Practicing and Delivering Presentations
  • Coaching Business Clients and a Host of Brain Related Activities

I have found the expression, “Two heads are better than one,” really does apply when using Mind Mapping for some, if not all tasks. The main reason for this is that you’re too close to your own work.  You are emotionally involved and it’s tough to stand back and ask yourself tough questions.  It’s hard to ask yourself new questions, also.

Here’s a personal story that illustrates this:
I was sitting at my computer one day and received an email from a good friend asking a question.  I can’t remember the question, but I knew the answer so I typed it into the email and clicked the “Send” icon.

Several minutes later, I received a one word response from him: “WOW!”

I looked at that for a moment and thought to myself, “What’s WOW?”  I typed that into the email and sent the question back to him.

Probably ten minutes later I received his answer, which had a profound effect on me.  It read:
“Sometimes you’re so close to your own knowledge base, that is so wide and so deep – You don’t know what you know!”

Think about that statement: “You don’t know what you know!”  It’s true for each and every one of us!

The fact is,
Your everyday could be someone else’s payday.”
“Your everyday could be someone else’s Ah Hah! moment.”

If you’re Mind Mapping alone, you probably won’t keep probing with questions to yourself like, “What else?” and statements such as “So what.”  Another person, if they’re trained to, will keep digging at you to literally and figuratively get everything on the same Mind Mapping page.  They’ll see qualities, good and not-so-good, in you that you can’t see looking in the mirror.

I always tell prospects and clients that if We Mind Map together, We will develop the maximum number of ideas and solutions to their opportunities and challenges.

What are you so close to that you don’t see?

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Two Heads are Much Better than One!

Mind Map Your Dream Board and. . .

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Achieve those Dreams!

One cool use of Mind Mapping is the Development of your Dream Board.

A Dream Board can be considered a visual representation of goals.  Often people will get a large sheet of poster board and paste pictures from magazines and other sources that represent goals.  Mind Mapping software makes this activity really easy.

“Seeing is Believing” and seeing those objects of our desire embeds the impression in our sub-conscious and, with repeated exposure to the Dream Board, increases the odds we’ll “see” ourselves reaching those goals.

The objects don’t have to represent material goals.  In the Dream Board below, I’ve included volunteer work, giving, and spiritual objectives.

Mind Map of a Dream Board









A good friend mentioned Vision Board, another term for Dream Board, to me recently.
That reminded me of one I’d done a few years ago.  I found it and posted it here. Read More→

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I’m in a MasterMind Group that meets once a week.

Each week, one of the members delivers a ‘Mentoring Minute of the Week‘.  It was my turn today, and I developed this Mind Map for that purpose.  (My description is below the map.)

CLICK to Enlarge

“Let’s get Back to Basics”
in our personal dealings with
Prospects, Clients, and Business Associates.”

  • Return phone calls
  • Reply to Emails.
    • Even if it’s just ‘Thanks’, reply to each legitimate Email you receive.
  • Write ‘Thank You’ Notes.  Make them the old fashion kind that are actually hand written by you, placed in an envelope, and mailed to someone who did something to benefit you.
  • Confirm Appointments the day before they are scheduled.
  • Get to all appointments early.  (If you’re not five minutes early, you’re late!)
  • Thank people who give you referrals and update them on the progress of those referrals.
    • If it turns into business for you, consider sending a gift card with your ‘Thank You’ note.
  • Pay invoices in a timely manner.
  • Limit the amount of ‘Free Consulting’ you give and you ask for.
    • This is how many of us make money.  Our time and advice is our stock in trade and those giving it should be compensated.

All of the above seem obvious to many.  But, trust me, you will stand out from others when you do them!

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Use  a Mind Map to Show Those Relationships!

Master Mind Mapper Relationship Model

Click to Enlarge

People learn differently, and there are three learning styles.

  • Some are Auditory Learners.
    They need to hear something.
  • Others are Kinesthetic Learners.
    They need to feel something.
  • Many are Visual Learners.
    They learn better by seeing something.

Usually a person’s learning style is a combination of the above, with an emphasis on one of them.  The more learning styles your message communicates, the more likely the recipients of that message will  Get It!

A Mind Map visually shows those relationships.  Even if someone you’re communicating to is not primarily a visual learner, the use of this visual will reenforce your message and increase the odds they will Get It!

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