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Mind Mapping can be used for so many different individual, group, and company projects, that the list is virtually endless.

That’s one reason it’s called the “Swiss Army Knife for the Brain!”

Mind Mapping software takes it to a higher level because of its flexibility in terms of design, editing, and exporting.

Below are just a few of the things Mind Mapping can help find the most ideas and solutions for.

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Working with me,
will produce the
Maximum number of ideas and solutions
Your challenges and opportunities!

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Decision Making

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Decision Making weighs as man alternatives as possible.

The alternatives must be specified.

There are quantitative and qualitative costs that must be considered.

Each alternative has pros and cons to explore.

Sometimes, the best decision is No Decision.

However, there are costs for doing nothing to note and weigh.

Make a decision.

Decision Making / Click to Enlarge

Decision Making / Click to Enlarge

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FAQS About Mind Mapping

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QuestionsIf you don’t see your question,
please use the Contact Form
and I’ll get back to you.

  • Is there one best way to do Mind Mapping?
    • The purists of this tool follow Tony Buzan, the originator of Mind Mapping.
      • He layed down very specifc rules about how it should be done.
    • Since Mind Mapping is usually a very personal thing and often used only by the person doing the Mind Mapping, I suggest modifying the rules to meet your own specific needs.  This is what I have done.
  • What can Mind Mapping be used for?
    • Lots of things!
      • Problem Solving • Decision Making • Strategic Planning • Process Development • Writing a Speech/Book/Article • Delivering a Speech • Planning a Trip • Making a Sales Template
  • How come I never heard of Mind Mapping?
    • Good Question!
      • It originated in the 1970s in England and is very prevalent in other countries.
      • Good News!  It is being taught in many elementary schools in the U.S. now!
        • More companies and individuals are being introduced to the benefits Mind Mapping offers through seminar and practitioners like me.
  • Why use software?  What’s wrong with just using paper and pencil?
    • Nothing is wrong with doing it that way.
    • One of the nice things about using software is that editing and updating are always easy to do.
      The maps can be linked to URLs, documents and other Mind Maps.
    • This can be an extremely helpful feature for discovering and documenting the subject being Mind Mapped.
    • Mind Maps can go ‘layers deep’ and can hide notes not needed in the ‘big picture’, but helpful for a more detailed explanation.
    • Maps, and the diagrams they also produce, can be converted to Word or PDFs and emailed to others.
    • Graphics, which add to the value of a map, are part of many Mind Mapping software programs.  Additionally, custom graphics can be imported.
    • There are also a number of software Mind Mapping programs that are web based.  This can make collaboration and project management easier.

    Why use software do you recommend?

    • I use a Mac, so when I started Mind Mapping my choices were limited.  Luckily, I found Inspiration, a software program that is cross platform and has many features that fit my needs.
    • My suggestion for software is to Google ‘Mind Mapping Software’.  Most vendors provide a 30 day free trial.  during that period you can evaluate the different features and benefits each offer.
    • Chuck Frey’s Mind Mapping Software Blog provides reviews and links to all major products.  His reviews are very helpful, plus he has authored several e-books on the subject of Mind Mapping.
    • You might want to take advantage of his newsletter, also.
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Develop your own style

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If you look at other people’s Mind Maps, some will make perfect sense and others will make you dizzy!

The hand drawn maps will probably make you more dizzy, but mapping on the computer, while usually more clear, can also be confusing to look at.

The point is this: Develop your own style!

The Mind Maps you make are usually for your use, and your use only.

Don’t spend a lot of time making it ‘neat’ if it’s only for you.

It’s true that revising, editing and ‘cleaning it up’ will reinforce the meaning for you, and make retention easier, but know when to stop.

If the Mind Map is to presented to others, it’s an entirely different story.  I’ll discuss this in another blog.



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Group brainstorming produces far more ideas and solutions than individuals do independently.

These are the steps:

  • Start with each participant developing their own Mind Map on the subject.
  • The facilitator then does a ‘Master Mind Map’ of all the individual maps, merging all ideas and eliminating overlap.
  • Discuss the ideas and flesh out all the alternative and consequences.
  • Results: the best outcomes!
Brainstorming / Click to Enlarge

Brainstorming / Click to Enlarge

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Uses of Mind Mapping

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Click on USES as a Drop-Down Menue to see how many different ways Mind Mapping can benefit You!

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Problem Solving

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When trying to solve problems, every possibility and its possible outcome should be evaluated.

If this isn’t done, a great deal of time and effort can be wasted because something was overlooked.

The best way to avoid this calamity is to Mind Map the Problem; including as many ways as possible to solve it, and an evaluation of each of these possible solutions.

Problem Solving / Click to enlarge

Problem Solving / Click to Enlarge

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Strategic Planning

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Make a plan and follow it.

One great thing about Mind Mapping a Strategic Plan is that everyone can see the ‘Big Picture’.

All components of the plan can see where each department fits into it and all the relationships.

Each of these components can, and should have, their own Mind Map.

It can also easily be, as should any plan, adjusted for market and other conditions that constantly change.


Strategic Planning / Clikc to Enlarge

Strategic Planning / Click to Enlarge

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This is a great program to get the nuts and bolts of Mind Mapping.
History of Mind Mapping. Why it works so well. How to do it. Hands on individual and group Mind Mapping.


I have 35+ years as a serial entrepreneur and 20+ years Mind Mapping.
Drawing on this experience, I can help develop the maximum number ideas and solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face.
Mind Map your present situation. Look at lots of alternative plans. Evaluate those plans for implementation. Continued consulting to constantly
“adjust the rudder”.

Group Brainstorming

Mind Mapping your team’s common goals will develop the maximum number of ideas and solutions.
Each person develops their own Mind Map. The facilitator puts all the ideas into a
Master Mind Map. Discussion is open, with the emphasis on Open. The best solutions will emerge.


One-on-one, and shoulder-to-shoulder, is a great way to get maximum value from a Mind Mapping Session.
Life planning.
Writing an article, speech, book, etc.
Speech development and coaching in the

No Sweat Public Speaking!”
Problem Solving.

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