Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -


The Empathetic ManagerWhat can I say about Fred Miller?  How about “insanely intelligent”?

I started working with Fred last year.  I had no idea what “mind mapping” was and I didn’t understand how it would help me in my business.

Mind mapping works, plain and simple.  Fred is a true master of this wonderful tool.

After spending one hour with Fred not only did I have a better understanding of my business, I had a greater appreciation for the power of creativity. I have incorporated the ideas that Fred and I mind mapped into my business and it has made a world of difference.

Fred, in his own patient way, has the ability to help you step outside of the proverbial box in order to find the answers that make sense for your business and more importantly for your customers.

Jason Greer, The Empathetic Manager

“Using Mind Mapping principles, Fred Miller has provided me with new tools for developing business strategies for 2010.

His enthusiasm is infectious and has helped me rekindle mine.”

Dr. William Madosky, Madosky Chiropractic

To all who seek direction, clarity, and forward movement in business and life.
To all who want answers NOW.
To all who are very serious about reaching their goals,
but get stuck “spinning their wheels”.
To all who know that they have what it takes, but don’t see the “how to”.

You must work (Mind Map) with Fred Miller. Period.

Let Fred show you how to quickly map where you are, and where you want to go, in your business and life.

I vote Mind Mapping with Fred Miller, one of the Best Investments of your life…
that is, if success is important to you.

Jennifer Tobias, Author, Speaker, and Info Product Creation Coach

“Fred is great! Mind Mapping: He takes the time to show you the process and then teaches you the process. I learned from Fred the basics and then we dove in and came up with ways this will help me as a meeting planner for the events, business meetings and incentives that I put together for my clients. This will take the place of a power point presentation sometimes and enhance a power point presentation all the time. Thank you Fred for a wonderful tool that makes things easier for me…Oh, and it’s FUN too!”

Christine Jett, CMP, Owner of Jett Events & Meetings

“Fred Miller is a business professional that I highly recommend for any type of association. After many years in business and travel, Fred is one of the most proficient individuals that I have ever worked with and his level of integrity reaches far beyond most.

I have personally witnessed Fred’s proficiency with Mind Mapping and I’m confident that this tool will be one of the most utilized for strategic business operations in the future; it just makes sense.

Should any operation seek to add a true professional to their team or organization for progress and success, Fred Miller would be a winner!”

Timothy Stewart, Professional at Charter Communications

“Fred is a wonderful resource to help you explore your true potential. With his MindMapping technique he helps you identify potential you didn’t know you had!”

Alan Gorman, St. Louis Training

“If you haven’t had “miGallery-Motor-Cond mapping” from Fred Miller, you are missing the boat. Fred will show you not only how to organize your thoughts, but how to implement them. Throw away those big lists you have been using and let Fred show you how easy “mind mapping” really is.
I highly, highly recommend him.”

Jay Grosman, Gallery Motor Company

UP-&-Going“Fred, is a wonderful person to know, very polite, yet an expert at what he does. He has a lot of experience in operating a business. Bright ideas out of the box to market and sale your company were very important points that I was looking for. Those ideas are now getting implemented to my business as time permits and I am seeing results.

I highly recommend Fred E. & his Mind Mapping services to the small business and\or company that needs to, has the drive to take the business
to the next level or two! Thanks Fred – Great Job!!!”

Roger Ordonez, Up & Going


“Fred’s Mind-Mapping program is a fantastic tool for anyone that needs to organize their thoughts, or their company. It’s like stepping outside of your thoughts and seeing them graphically.”

Dan Dobinsky, Your Project Manager

“I recently connecGolden-Services-Groupted with Fred to do a Mind Map on a few projects I’m working on. He had spoken so highly of the process that I was really intrigued on how to apply it for my company.

In minutes, he took what seemed so confusing and overwhelming in my head, and helped me create a very manageable road map to follow for implementation. It’s a

mazing how simple this all is now seeing it through a Mind Map. This program can be useful in so many ways. I highly recommend you connect with Fred to have him show you how it works!”

Julie Eudy, Golden Services Group

Prior meeting Fred Miller, I had limited exposure to mind-mapping…but it was just the tip of the iceberg. What had been a crude note-taking and brainstorming tool for me has now become an integral part of our business.

Immediately after meeting with Fred, I purchased mind-mapping software (Inspiration 8 IE). Since then (and with Fred’s help), I have regularly used mind-mapping to explain concepts, processes, and other relational data to clients and partners. And, as the application is constantly open on my computer…it gets a regular workout for both brainstorming and organizational purposes.

Mind-mapping is a fantastic business tool that anyone can use. But with the expert help and guidance of a teacher like Fred Miller, the possibilities of mind-mapping are endless.

His techniques and ‘tricks of the trade’ have helped me hone my mind-mapping skills, and continue to improve my business.

David Meyer, Admeyer Marketing, LLC

Ethical-SellingTo whom it may concern:
I’m a consultant, and I work with a variety of businesses in different industries.

Fred Miller sat down with me one day and demonstrated to me the many possibilities Mind Mapping offers me, personally, and my clients.

To show me how powerful Mind Mapping is, Fred worked with me on a “Strategic Plan” for a fictitious client.

On one page he was quickly able to put most of the major challenges, opportunities, and business “stuff” that companies deal with daily.  Then, by “doing his magic” on the map (he is sooo proficient with the software he uses!), Fred was able to hone in on very specific parts of the plan.  Here, we were able put details on individual elements of the plan.

Being able to see everything on one screen was a real eye-opener.

Because, as Fred pointed out, market, company and other things constantly change, this original strategic plan can, and should, always be revisited and “tweaked” to bring it up to date.

Wow!  I have never seen a business tool produce so much valuable information in such a short period of time.

Doing this on my own, in the traditional outline form, I would have missed many of the items in the strategic plan that we developed together through Mind Mapping.

Since Fred has owned and been involved in a number of businesses, the experience he brought to the Mind Mapping session enhanced the expertise he already possesses on the theory of Mind Mapping and the software he uses.

Ideally, he could be brought into client projects as a valued added service I can offer.

He does amazing things with this tool and my clients will benefit.

Fred Firestone, Ethical Selling Institute

WHY wasn’t I introduced to this earlier in my career?

Mind mapping is the best tool I have seen for generating and organizing ideas.

Fred truly is a master at using the tool in an effortless easy way.

As a concrete example, he helped me “show” the services I offer, “show” the expectations and responsibilities of the patient and doctor and “show” me how to present this to a patient in a clear, easy to use format.

I would recommend Fred and his skills to anyone.

Dr. Sean Lynch, Balancing – A Chiropractic Wellness Center

Mind Mapping is a tremendous strategic tool for anyone who wants clarity and vision for selling their service or product or for teaching a concept.

Fred is the strategist with expertise in conducting a mind mapping session to create that clarity like he did with me.

I highly recommend Fred, the Master Mind Mapper!

Joe High, 4th Quarter Financial Coach

Fred Miller is terrific.

In just a few minutes, Fred showed me how to tap all kinds of creativity and new ideas with his Mind Mapping tool.

Many businesses have complex issues that just cry out for big ideas; for out-of-the-box solutions.

But sometimes they can’t get past the details or “the way it’s always been” in their business. Naturally, they get frustrated.

Now Fred and his Master Mind Mapping can open all kinds of “windows and doors” for clients.

It’s not hard—in fact, it really energizes clients to come up with new solutions and better understanding of real cause and effect.

I use it—and definitely will call on Fred to help me help my clients with planning and solving their toughest problems.

Mike Rohan, Rohan Business Group, LLC

Prior to Fred sharing the secrets and power of Mind Mapping with me, I was stuck in the bullet-point brainstorming and planning process.  Not only is it slow, but being a flat hierarchy, by the time an idea pops into your head and you try to figure out where on the outline it might go, the next idea has passed you by.

With Mind Mapping, the freedom to place ideas as they come, move them to the branch that best incorporates their role and view a graphic, pictorial structure of the concepts that works the way my mind does has been invaluable to my business.

Fred’s comprehension of the techniques, uses, and his overall business savvy are unique and highly regarded.  I would very highly recommend his talents to help your business.

Bob Bira, SlipSafe Surfaces, Distributor of Sure Step Non-Slip

I have been aware and used Mind Maps for some time, but they really never came to life till I worked with you, Fred.

Your passion for Mind Mapping was very clear as you helped me find ways to use them that function beautifully and match my personality and style.

I now include them in my workshop Power Point presentations and handouts, as well as with clients, as a comprehensive visualization of where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

Thanks, Fred, for expanding my horizons!

Patty Cook, Executive Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Certified Kolbe Trainer
Life By Design, LLC . . transforming stress into success

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