Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

Things in my Life/Business are Always Changing!
How do I Keep Up with Everything?


Make a Personal/Professional – Life/BusinessMind Map!

We live in busy times.  Most of us have lots going on in our personal and professional lives.

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A Mind Map allows us to:

  • See the BIG Picture of everything that’s going on.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • The ability to check things off as they get completed.
  • Plus add tasks to be done as they arise.

All of that ‘stuff” in one place keeps us on track and more productive.  It let’s us ‘see’, and update and prioritize tasks as things change, and they’re always changing – correct?

The Personal Items might include:

  • Play at school.
  • Working out.
  • Bringing car to the shop.
  • Meeting with contractor about remodeling kitchen.

Business Items could be:

  • Prepare for client meeting Friday.
  • Prepare ad for new admin person.
  • Start a Strategic Planning Mind Map for the next quarter.

A additional benefit of using software for this Personal/Professional Mind Map is having hyperlinks to documents, urls, and other Mind Maps.  Linking to the specifics of an item on the map gives the detail, background, etc. so searching other places isn’t necessary.  It’s all there!

I often use a Mind Map for my daily To-Dos.  I color code them for business and personal, and use the thickness of connecting lines to emphasize importance.

Develop your own Mind Maps.  The important thing is finding a system for using them that works for you!

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