Working with someone:
Trained in the theory of Mind Mapping and skilled in using Mind Mapping software,
will produce the Maximum Number of Ideas & Solutions to challenges and opportunities -

Sales Template

Want a great way to show prospects and clients
all the products and services you offer?

It’s important to remember that a business is built two ways; Vertically and Horizontally.  Sell more to present clients and increase your customer base.

Also, and a fact overlooked by many, is Your best Prospects are your Present Clients!

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The first step is to make a Sales Template of all your offerings.

A Sales Template can be customized for each client.  Explain to the prospect or client,  “This is how I work.”  Then ask what they currently do for each of the products and services on the map.  Enter the information so there is a permanent record to be referred to when needed.  (Kind of like a doctor taking your medical history – correct?)   Now, your clients know everything you offer, and you know where your opportunities are.  If they are happy with one service, you will be ‘top of mind’ when other needs arise.

One of the valuable features of the software is the ability to link items in the map to:

  • Documents that give details of the product of service.
  • URLs that might have relevance to an offering.
  • Other Mind Maps that might get into specifics offerings and how they would help a client.

Having everything literally and figuratively on one page, with supporting documentation a click away, is invaluable in saving time and clarifying what George can do for his customers.

Continually update this map by adding new services and dropping ones that are no longer a fit.

Set up, as an up-front contract, future meeting dates with each client. This indicates your commitment to being a resource and problem solver.

The first thing to ask when re-visiting a client, and you are both are looking at his customized product and service Mind Map, is, “What’s changed since we last met?”

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